The Issues


I remember August of 2016 like it was yesterday. I watched as Lafayette received over 20 inches of rain in less than a day which caused friends, neighbors, and co-workers to lose everything as their homes and businesses flooded.  I spent the next few weeks helping close friends and complete strangers gut their homes as they began the process of rebuilding their lives.
The residents of Lafayette Parish should not have to hold their breath every time a storm is projected to bring a few inches of rain to our Parish. As a member of the Parish Council, I will make drainage a primary concern by focusing on three areas:


  1. Clear out ditches and coulees. We must continue to clear coulees, laterals, and drainage ditches that have been neglected for years.
  2. Prioritize the dredging of the Vermilion River. The Vermilion River is the single largest source of water drainage in our Parish.  The Army Corp of Engineers approved the dredging project in May of 2018, but we must maintain pressure on State and Federal leaders to ensure this project is completed as soon as possible.
  3. Coordinate regional drainage projects. We must look at drainage as a multi-parish issue and work to construct regional detention ponds and other large-scaledrainage projects.  FEMA has already approved two of these types of projects in Youngsville.

Through this comprehensive approach to drainage, we can ensure that our parish is safe; ready for residents and businesses anywhere in the parish.


Financial Responsibility

Government should always remember that every dollar they spend was first taken from a taxpayer.  This means that government should operate with the utmost restraint when it comes to spending our tax dollars.  The Parish has struggled financially for decades.  In order to stabilize our Parish’s budget, there are two steps the Parish Council should take.

  1. Eliminate waste.  There are countless opportunities to use technology and modern business practices to make our government run more effectively and efficiently, saving vital tax dollars for critical projects.
  2. Attract new businesses to the Parish. We should make Lafayette the most business-friendly Parish in the state by keeping taxes as low as possible and reducing the cost of starting and operating a business.



The word leadership can be a “buzz” word, but it truly is something our Parish needs.  I have consistently heard from voters and elected officials alike that they want someone who will truly listen to their concerns and work for the betterment of the parish without all of the political infighting or playing favorites with one city over the other. We have to realize that all of the surrounding municipalities would not be what they are without the City of Lafayette and the City of Lafayette would not be what it is without the surrounding municipalities.  What makes Lafayette Parish great are the unique qualities brought by all of our cities and the shared culture we all hold dear. We must work together to make Lafayette Parish a wonderful place for generations to come.